Sunday, January 17, 2010

SUNDAY FUNNIES - EC's Multi Treat or Threat

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If you like EC Comics this is a quadruple-way treat, maybe more.

The cover is MAD #10 references a story inside, drawn by, non other than the editor, Harvey Kurtzman.

Secondly, on the inside front cover is a ad for MAD’s only authorized competitor, PANIC, who, was also an EC comic and had the same artists as MAD. As you can plainly see, the ad is directed to the “old-enough-to-drink” market…. Not adolescents. Jack Davis did the art work, that rascal.

The first story is a lampoon on war comics by Wally Wood.

And the second story is EC war comic FRONTLINE COMBAT #15, cover drawn by Wally Wood and story drawn by Wallace Wood. Notice the change from zany to deadly serious? Same artist, and also the same writer (Harvey Kurtzman) did both, in about the same time period.

Interesting, yes?

Now, Wally Wood gets serious:

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