Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Composers Galore Started & Ended Life Today!

Happy Birthday Mozart!

I don’t know if this is a record or not, but I have never seen so many of one profession born on the same date (excluding the year), as composers born on this date. They were plenty other types of musicians also born this date, but composers outnumber them all.

And a big number of composers died on this date too.

How come?

On this date, January the 26th.
1592 Pierre de La Barre composer
1715 Vaclav Kalous composer
1756 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Austria, musical prodigy/composer
1784 Martin-Joseph Mengal composer
1828 Louis Schubert composer
1830 Georg Hellmesberger composer
1867 Claude Antoine Terrasse composer
1869 Will Marion Cook composer
1885 Jerome Kern New York City NY, Broadway composer (Showboat, Roberta)
1885 Eduard Künneke German composer (Vetter aus Dingsda)
1892 Mitya Stillman composer
1895 Claudio Carneyro composer
1899 Granville English composer
19-- Marc Ferrari rocker (
1906 Radames Gnattali composer
1913 Milton Adolphus composer
1913 Valery Viktorovich Zhelobinsky composer
1924 Alexander Georgiyevich Chugayev composer
1936 Troy Donahue New York City NY, actor (Surfside Six, Cockfighter, Hawaiian Eye)*
1939 Tigran Yegiayi Mansuryan composer
1942 Petr Kotik composer
1952 Peter Garland composer
1957 Frank Miller US, comicbook writer (Batman-The Dark Knight Returns)
1629 Hieronymus Praetorius composer, dies at 68
1802 Johann Rudolf Zumsteeg composer, dies at 42
1850 Philipp Roth composer, dies at 70
1851 Karl Moser composer, dies at 77
1857 Dorothea von Benckendorff Baltic
1901 Giuseppe Verdi Italian composer (Rigoletto/Traviata/Aïda), dies in Milano at 87
1904 Adam Minchejmer composer, dies at 73
1930 Jean Hure composer, dies at 52
1941 Iver Paul Fredrik Holter composer, dies at 90
1949 Boris Asafiev composer, dies at 64
1964 Lieb Glantz composer, dies at 65
1969 Hanns Jelinek composer, dies at 67
1978 Marguerite Canal composer, dies at 87

*Also Troy Donahue briefly lived in Marietta in the 70s. Not that Troy was a composer, but he did live in Marietta. That should mean something.

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