Tuesday, January 12, 2010

GOB Winter Quarters Continues

Above- Heads left to right: Steve Tolbert, Paul Roper, Monty Calhoun, & Rick Kendricks.

Tonight was the 2nd evening of the GOBAGs all snuggled in their winter quarters, which is the bar in the basement of the Horace Orr American Legion Post in Marietta,.

Not many people showed up tonight, about a dozen.
With such a small group it was nice. It is easier to give more individual attention – or enjoy each more. Sometimes with larger crowds I tend to spread myself rather thinly, which is an activity I usually bomb at.

One of us, Bill, is on break from chemotherapy. He seemed very thankful for his friends and family and seemed to inhale and appreciate every moment of life.

A few of us had some heart warming stories to tell. Others reminded us of pranks we did as teenagers, others reminded us fights we had.

Steve thought he was reminding me of a fight we had which he bloodied my nose. He said I won but at least he bloodied my nose. I hated to be rude and correct him, but if I remember correctly, I only had one fight in high school and that was with a guy that I named Whooping Crane – in fact, that was what the fight was about. And I bloodied his nose, he didn't bloody mine.

And also, since he was giving me credit for whipping him, it is hard to turn down such glory.

If Steve reads this he will probably say, "Rock, that two-face rat! It's not too late for that bloody nose!"

Below is where we went on vacation one year. It is Washington’s winters quarters at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.

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