Thursday, January 14, 2010

Us GOBAGers are Lucky and Don't Know It

In yesterday’s news:

The Clayton County school board voted to fire a teacher accused of ordering a hit on a student, officials said.

In a unanimous vote, the nine-member board decided to uphold the recommendation made in December by a tribunal to terminate Mundy's Mill High School teacher Randolphe Forde.
” – AJC.

When I read this article I realized just how lucky I am to be alive. I’m sure there were several teachers and principals when I was in school that thought that their jobs would be a lot easier if the didn’t have the likes of me around.

I’m sure some of them took pleasure in the thought of strangling the life out of me with their bare hands. As they got right in my face so close I could smell their skin and breath when they shouted and their fingers wagging at me were blurred because they were so close and trembling with only one thought was probably on their minds. Begone!

I’m sure the thought of hiring a hit man didn’t occur to them. The reason I’m sure? Because I am! I think, therefore I am. I’m still alive!

Luckily for my friends and me a hit man was not in their minds - besides, none of them would know how to make the proper contact and make a deal with one. Otherwise at the GOBAG* Tuesday evenings get together there would be a very small crowd.

*Good Old Boys and Girls

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