Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pigging Out at Sam's BBQ #1

Recently we read that Sam’s BBQ#1 had opened a dining room. We have been there several times before. The old dining area was cramped. Yes indeed. They had one long table that would sit about six and over to the side a small table that would seat 2. And maybe 3 could stand and eat.

It was mostly designed as a takeout BBQ place. But now they have a dining room. Hot dog!

We had to try out the new dining room. It is in the same location, on Lower Roswell Road, near Johnson Ferry Road, sort of behind Krogers. The dining room is a good size. The food is just as delicious as it always has been. I think Sam is an expert at picking the right meat. All his pork is very tender and chunky.

Sam is Sam Huff. He is a lawyer also. His father was a judge. I remember once when I was on jury duty Sam was an tender young assistant DA on the case I was a jury member. It was one of his first cases. I think he was as nervous as the defendant.

Sam grew out of being nervous. Now he seems laid back and relaxed. He and David Poe, and maybe another Dave, owned Sam & Dave’s BBQ, which is the one in the same location as we went yesterday was #1 and #2 was on Whitlock Avenue.

Both are delicious.

Sam and Dave have been known in BBQ cook-offs for many years before they went into business together.

For reasons unknown, Sam and the Daves went their separate ways. They split the business. David Poe kept the one on Whitlock Avenue and Sam Huff’s half was the one on Roswell Road.

Sam is on the east side of Marietta and Sam is on the west side. I would guess they are 7 to 9 mines apart. So, they are almost not in competition with one another, in case they want to remain friends.

As I said the pork is very tasty and we were given so much we carried half of it home and had it for dinner. You have a choice of North Carolina or Kansas City BBQ sauce.

The coleslaw and bake beans were good too.

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