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My Tyson Genealogy - Part 4

10. CORNELIUS5 TYSON (THOMAS4, MATHIAS3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1) was born 22 Jan 1721/22 in , Bath, NC, and died 10 Mar 1795 in . Moore, NC. He married JANE CHEEK 03 Jan 1742/43 in , Moore, NC, daughter of RICHARD CHEEK and JANE. She was born 27 Sep 1722 in , Beaufort Co, NC, and died 22 Mar 1795.

Occupation: Cooper

26. i. SABRA CUTHBERT6 TYSON, b. 20 Oct 1744, , Beaufort, NC; d. Unknown.
ii. RICHARD TYSON, b. 26 Oct 1746, , Beaufort, NC; d. 18 Nov 1809.
27. iii. CORNELIUS TYSON, JR., b. 22 Jan 1748/49, , Beaufort, NC; d. Abt. 1822, , Chatham, NC.
28. iv. BENJAMIN TYSON, b. 13 Oct 1751, , Bladen, NC; d. 1807, , Moore, NC.
29. v. THOMAS TYSON, b. 01 Sep 1754, , Cumberland, NC; d. 20 Oct 1813, , Moore, NC.
30. vi. SARAH TYSON, b. 04 Dec 1757, , Cumberland, NC; d. 01 Oct 1826, , Chatham, NC.
31. vii. AARON TYSON, b. 15 Feb 1760, , Cumberland, NC; d. 24 Mar 1805, , Moore, NC.
viii. REBECCA TYSON, b. 10 Feb 1762, , Cumberland, NC; d. Unknown.
ix. JANE CHEEK TYSON, b. 23 Jul 1765, , Cumberland, NC; d. Unknown.

11. JOHN5 TYSON (THOMAS4, MATHIAS3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1) was born 1723 in , Bath, NC7, and died Abt. 1787 in , Pitt, NC. He married BETHANY HINES. She was born Abt. 1725 in , Pitt, NC7, and died 1780 in , Pitt, NC.

Notes for JOHN TYSON:
John Tyson (ours, I presume, judging by the date) had a "wife or sister"
named Sibbey who was mean to the slaves. Two of them (Shade & Rose)
murdered her. One slave was valuable and was sent off and sold. The other
(useless, presumably) was convicted of murder and burned at the stake "by
the sheriff at or near the town of Martinborough!"

I don't see a Sibbey on my list (probably not her official name) but I
would be interested in finding this person. The article says that this was
supposed to have happened about 1783.

-David Warren (Sept 1999).

*****The Robbins line ,many of whom consider themselves Tyson descendants,
connects with my Tyson line and this will be explained in the narrative.
Although there's a strong oral history and many-many clues that tie both
lines to Tyson descendancy, there are no major document(s)which have been
uncovered that conclusively prove descendancy. Of course, this is typical of
genealogy involving the enslaved. What is exciting though, is that this is
the first time that the Robbins family will meet as an ENTIRE family. One
line of the family is extremely fair in complexion ;in fact, they can pass
for white, although most in the younger generation aren't trying and it's
not their mind set. In previous years, this line would not associate with
the Robbins lines which had more colour. So, the two lines had separate
reunions, because the elders of both lines denied being related to one
another and taught their children to have the same attitudes . Fortunately
today, most in the younger generations think this is all so silly and now
want a meeting of the entire family. After all, this does not change who
anyone is or how anyone chooses to identify oneself. The family photo will
surely resemble a mini United Nations.
- Judy Tyson Raymond - 1999

John was a justice, coroner, and colonel for the Pitt County Militia. - Elesa Hembree.

More About JOHN TYSON:
Military service: Colonel

Children of JOHN TYSON and BETHANY HINES are:
i. SABRA "SUSANNAH"6 TYSON, b. Aft. 1740, , Pitt, NC; d. Abt. 1792, , Pitt, NC.
ii. JOHN TYSON, JR, b. Aft. 1740, , Pitt, NC; d. Unknown.
iii. SAMUEL TYSON, b. Aft. 1740, , Pitt, NC; d. Abt. 1771, , , SC; m. ELIZABETH MAY; b. Aft. 1740; d. Unknown.
iv. MASON B. TYSON, b. Aft. 1740, , Pitt, NC; d. Bef. 04 May 1829, , Richland, SC.

Notes for MASON B. TYSON:
Never married.

v. JACOB TYSON, b. Aft. 1740, , Pitt, NC; d. Unknown; m. ELIZABETH; b. Aft. 1740; d. Unknown.

Military service: 1773, Lt. Pitt. Co. Mil

vi. THOMAS TYSON, b. Aft. 1740, , Pitt, NC; d. Unknown, , Wayne, NC.

Military service: Rev. War?

32. vii. JEHU TYSON, b. 1750, , Pitt, NC; d. 04 Mar 1800, , Anson Co, NC.
33. viii. FREDERICK TYSON, b. Abt. 1754, , Pitt, NC; d. 1833, , Washington, Ga.
34. ix. JOB TYSON, b. Bef. 1760, , Pitt, NC; d. 1803, Hancock or Oglethorpe, Ga.

12. THOMAS5 TYSON, JR. (THOMAS4, MATHIAS3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1) was born 1743 in , Beaufort, NC, and died 1784 in , Pitt, NC. He married JANE. She was born Aft. 1743, and died Unknown.

Child of THOMAS TYSON and JANE is:
i. WILLIAM OREM6 TYSON, b. Aft. 1760; d. Unknown.

13. AARON5 TYSON (MOSES4, MATHIAS3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1)8 was born Abt. 1710 in , Hyde Co, NC, and died Jul 1781 in , Hyde Co, NC. He married MARY LEATH, daughter of JOHN LEATH. She was born in , Hyde Co, NC.

35. i. JOHN6 TYSON, b. 1737, , , NC; d. 1791, , , SC.

14. DANIEL5 TYSON (EDWARD N.4, MATHIAS3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1)9 was born Aft. 1719 in , , NC, and died Mar 1786 in , Hyde Co, NC. He married REBECCA HARVEY, daughter of RICHARD HARVEY. She was born Aft. 1719 in , , NC, and died 1799 in , , NC.

1746 Deed, Hyde Co, NC, Deed Book A, page 213, transcribed from p 170, 1 Sept 1746: Tison, Edward and Ann Tison of Hyde for love and affection we have for our son Daniel Tison, give him 100 ac. in Hyde on e.side of Matchapungo River on head of a creek called Fishing Creek and joining the lands of John Davis - orchards, buildings, and all lands - 16 head cattle, yearling, 5 head sheep, furniture, pewter dishes, plates, basons, iron pot, frying pan, chest, handmills.
Edward (X) Tison
Wit: Uriah Collins
Ann (X) Tison
George (X) Smith
Testator Joseph Tart, Regist.

i. RICHARD6 TYSON, b. Aft. 1735, , Hyde Co, NC; d. Unknown; m. MARTHA, 20 Jul 1805, , , NC; b. Aft. 1735; d. Unknown.

Richard Tyson of Hyde Co, NC, sold 40 acres in Hyde Co to John McWilliams for 100 milled dollars. On January 15, 1798, sold a negro man to Rebecca Tyson for 80 pounds. On August 29, 1803, Richard sold a negro woman to Hannah Tyson. - Paul Tyson, Clinton, SC

ii. ZACHARIAH TYSON, b. Aft. 1735, , Hyde, NC; d. Unknown.

Oct 1, 1789 Zachariah Tyson of Hyde Co., NC, bought land at Mathias Tyson's corner from Thomas Henderson of Hyde Co. On November 26, 1790, Zachariah received a land grant for 150 acres on Tysons and Slades Creek. - Paul Tyon, Clinton, SC

iii. JOHN TYSON, b. Aft. 1735, , Hyde, NC; d. Unknown.
iv. HOSEA TYSON, b. Aft. 1735, , Hyde, NC; d. 1831, , , NC; m. FANNY SATTERTHWAITE, 24 Apr 1823, , Hyde, NC; b. Aft. 1735; d. Unknown.

Notes for HOSEA TYSON:
Feb 14, 1799 - Hosea Tyson of Hyde Co., NC, bought 110 acres on the west side of Matchepungo River at the mouth of Fishing Creek from Rebecca Tyson (his mother) for 125 pounds. On November 2, 1829, Hosea sold 140 acres in Hyde Co., to Mavel Wilkerson.
Hosea's will was dated October 14, 1827 and probated during the November term 1831. His will named himself as being of Beaufort County, but he left his widow, Fanny Tyson, his plantation, negroes, and furniture in Hyde County. Hosea willed Lewis Tyson a horse and cows. His will also named other family members. Luthers S. Eborn and his wife, Frances, which leads one to beleive that Frances Eborn was an heir of Hosea. Lewis Tyson (son or brother of Hosea?) was dead before May 17, 1832, when his widow Ann Barney (aka Tyson) receivered her dower from the divisionof Lewis Tyson's land. - Paul Tyson, Clinton, SC.

36. v. ELIZABETH TYSON, b. Aft. 1735, , Hyde, NC; d. Unknown.
vi. MARY TYSON, b. Aft. 1735, , Hyde, NC; d. Unknown.
vii. LEVEY TYSON, b. Aft. 1735, , Hyde, NC; d. Unknown.



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