Thursday, January 28, 2010

Only the Facts Count

There are some very methodical minds out in the world. Generally, they have no sense of humor and seem to have no whimsy imagination. If you started a joke off by saying, "A man and a duck walked into a bar..." one with such a mind probably interrupt to say a duck would not be allowed in a bar. I bet those same people go bananas watching a Disney or Warner Brothers cartoon.

Anyway, according to Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader 2009 page-a-day calendar Orville Wright numbered the eggs his chickens would lay in order, so he could eat them in order. That makes sense. It makes sense for a compulsive methodical mind.

I, on the other hand, hardly have enough methodical sense about me to set a clock. The only method I claim is that there "is a method to my madness."


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