Friday, November 20, 2009

The Search For a New UGA

UGA VII (2995-2009)

UGA VII is dead after only a short time on the throne as the University of Georgia mascot.

Now, a new UGA must be found to continue that fine school spirit. I don’t think its name has to be UGA VIII. His/her name will be changed when it is chosen, like the Pope.

But first I have a couple of questions: Does it have to be owned by Sonny Seiler? Does it have to be an English bulldog?

What is wrong with a pit-bull? Pit-bulls are intimidating and aggressive just like a good competitive athlete should be. And a pit-bull could do wonders if a member of the opposing team gets too close to the sidelines – well, they know how to leap up for the jugular vein.

I know where a pit-bull is that I would love to see in Athens (86 miles away) and sporting arenas hundreds of miles away. The cute little lovable pit-bull is across the street. He is always loose and barking and threatening Willow and me. He's a bully.

And oh, by the way, do I get a “finder’s fee”?

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