Monday, November 30, 2009

Odd Mammary Out

Yesterday with a flat shovel I shoveled a dead opossum road-kill off the edge of our driveway.

The shoveling reminded me that I recently read in UNCLE JOHN’S TRIUMPHANT 20TH ANNIVERSARY BATHROOM READER book that female opossums have an average of 13 nipples.

I think usually mammal bodies run symmetrical; if you have an eye on one side of your face there will be another one on the other side in the same place, and the same goes for ears, limbs, and so on. And what you have only one of goes in the center, that way it keeps everything symmetrical.

So how would an average opossum have 13 nipples? I think I have it figured out.
It might go something like this: Say you count the teats on one possum and it has 14 and then count the teats on another one and it has 12. How do you find the average? First you get the total of what ever you are counting, then divide the number of things that have them. In this case, you added 12 and 14 and should find the sum is 26. Then you take the number of possums, which is 2, and divide it into the total. Lets see…that will be 26 divided by 2 = 13.

Am I a mathematical genius of what?

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Blogger cbish68 said...

Eddie, you are definitely the Stephen Hawking of PTM (Possum Teat Mathematics).

4:36 AM  
Blogger Eddie said...

I am sort of like the Count Dracular (Seseme St) of PT!

5:23 AM  

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