Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm Thinking About This Date in History

The Thinker by Rodin.

This date, November the 12th, produced some household-names that stood the test of time.

1840: Augusta Rodin was born in France. He was the sculptor who chiseled out The Thinker. Which reminds me, one time at work I was talking to a carrier and he snidely told me not too many people in this building (a postal building) knew the name of the statue of the naked man sitting with… (he imitated what he was talking about) or who was the artist. I said, “What is the name and who was the artist?”
He said the name of the statue is “I’m Thinking” and it is by Michael Angelo. Or maybe his "I'm Thinking" was his state of mind at the moment.

Also, the above is by Rodin and is a gift from Paris to Atlanta, in memory of the 111 Atlanta Art Patrons that were killed in a plane crash near Paris in 1962. The above is on overlooking Peachtree Street at the High Museum in Atlanta.

1922: Kim Hunter, Detroit, MI, actress – think of Planet of the Apes. Also think Hunter; she must have been a jewel.

1929: Grace Kelly. Philadelphia. Actress and princess of Monaco. I remember her father was a brick mason and when she became a princess he held a press conference giving his opinions on international things - which more or less cause the press to scratch their heads.

1934: Charles Manson. The man who needs no introduction. So, lets not.

And Walt Disney’s SONG OF THE SOUTH was released this date in 1946, only to be sucked into a black hole later. Pssst! You can get it at a certain booth in a flea market in Dahlonega, Georgia.


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