Monday, October 13, 2008

People-Group-Think Confuses Me

In September I wrote a post on my blog about finding out that Betty of Betty’s World Famous Hotdogs had died and also mentioned that my old 8th grade mechanical drawing teacher had died too – and I connected them up by saying that once within a year or so my friend Paul and I ran into him at Betty’s and had lunch with him. Then, if the “Rule of 3” applies - like when someone in Hollywood dies, usually two more follow. I wondered who will be next?

And that was about it, nothing deep or profound. Click on the below and see for yourself:

Who Is Next?

Now, for some reason in the past couple hours I have received over a hundred hits from various countries in Europe and South America all linking to the link I talked about.

Evidently, somebody mentioned that certain post on-line and linked it and now people are visiting it in droves. I don’t see why.

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