Monday, October 20, 2008

The Invisible Man Strikes P.F. Chang’s

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Our little band of restauranteers went to P.F. Chang’s Restaurant Saturday night to celebrate Rocky and Sabrina’s birthday. They were in South Korea the day of his birthday. And Sabrina’s actual birthday was the following day, Sunday – which was yesterday. Confused?

Anna, Anna’s mother, my two sisters, Adam, Rocky, Sabrina, and Sabrina’s mother made up the group. And oh yes, me too – I forgot about me - I am so easily to be overlooked.

For instance, when we sat down I sat beside Anna – it was only a matter of a minute or two that someone counted people and counted the napkins and eating utensils and decided we had one set of dining tools too many. I pointed out that did not have any dining tools. Oh.

The birthday girl, Sabrina, brought the birthday cake – or in this case, birthday cupcakes. The cupcakes were handed out. The person handing out the cup cakes thought the job was finished – then I pointed I that I haven’t received mine. Oh.

I think I am going to have to start putting bandage tape around my head and body like a mummy and of course leave openings for eating and seeing.

We had belated birthday presents for Rocky and pre-birthday presents for Sabrina.

And, to our delight they had presents for us. They bought us gifts in South Korea. They are very thoughtful.

They gave me a little press or a stamp of a sort that presses an ancient Chinese symbol . The ancient Chinese symbol means HUNTER*. Below is a picture of the stamp, the red stuff which you use. It is like a seal. They had it made by an artisan who specializing in these. Rocky had one made for him that said HUNTER in ancient Korean.

Neat! I love it!

*Doing more research on the ancient Chinese symbols I discovered that anyone except one with the name HUNTER looks at this symbol it will cause an agonizing painful death within six months. You didn’t look did you?**

** But I know you didn’t fall for the above old gag – after all, I’m sure you remember it in MAD comicbook #23, takeoff on RIPLEY’S BELIEVE IT OR NOT drawn by Wallace Wood (below).

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Blogger kenju said...

You're too funny, Eddie. Thanks for the mention. PF Chang's is one of my favorite places!

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