Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Roadside Visit to Tulluah Gorge

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I am still getting more mileage out of our past weekend trip.

On the way back Saturday afternoon from our Ray reunion in Franklin we stopped by Tallulah Falls to take in the scenery of the beautiful deep gorge.

In the picture see the tiny little body of water way down there? That is probably almost as big a football field, to give you an idea how far you are looking down.

Also, this particular lookout point is not a state park. It is privately owned property of a store. Their main business is selling stuff to tourists.

You got to hand it to them, they really know how to display merchandise.

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Blogger Susan said...

I love that little store! They have the neatest old-timey toys. Did you go over to the state park and see the awesome suspension bridge over the gorge? It looks like you had a great road trip.

3:08 AM  
Blogger ET said...

Thanks - we don't get out much so when we do we try to cram it all in.

Yes, they do have the neatest old time toys... and displayed very neatly. I wonder if some companies out there are still manufacturing old time toys, or these are just left overs from another time - they are too new and shiny looking for that.

No, we didn't go to the park. I didn't know they had a swinging bridge over the gorge. Drats! We missed something!

4:25 AM  

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