Thursday, October 09, 2008

Setting the Stage

This is from the first issue of the satire magazine HUMBUG, the “You Know who gets killed" series, drawn by Jack Davis.

In this one is a story told many times… a man is present that everybody hates and suddenly the lights go out! You know who gets killed but who did it? That is what the story is about every time. Don't worry Charlie Chan and his Number One Son will figure it out. If we knew who did it we wouldn’t watch it would we?

Now, the same old story is on Days of Our Lives. A wicked professor came to Salem and just about seriously offended or is blackmailing just about every character there. He did that all week, and Friday they found him stabbed to death with a sweet elderly mother-type holding the bloody knife.

We tape Days of Our Lives every week and on weekends catch it here and there while doing chores.

The week I am talking about we accidentally saw Friday while it first being aired so we knew the mean old professor got murdered and that weekend it was interesting watching his enemy list grow each day. We knew.

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