Monday, May 12, 2008

You Know

This is not the case that “if anyone knows, Moe Knows.” We are talking about YOU. You know.

You might ask “What do I know?”

You know it all. And I do too, because to you, I am a YOU too.

Every day on TV when I see a news event being reported and the reporter is interviewing a witness to the event and the reporter ask him what kind of get a-way car was used, I bet 9 out of 10 times the witness will start off by saying, “You know….”.

Or, if they are asked what do they think about a certain issue, there is a big chance they will start off by saying, “You know…”

Well, if we already know, why does the reporter bother to ask them? They could pivot away from the action scene and present his hands to us the TV audience and say, “You know.”

And we could nod and say, “I know.”

The other morning on The Today Show a famous female singer was being interviewed – I would tell you her name, but I honestly don’t know – but you know. While being interviewed she used “You know..” several times.

When they asked her to sing, she sung something that went something like this: “Doncha Know, doncha know, doncha know I love you.”

I am thinking up an outline for a book that I plan to write and publish which I am sure will be a run-away best seller. The name of it will be YOU KNOW.

YOU KNOW will be like reading about your favorite person - you!

Maybe one of the first chapters will start something like, “Remember your first day in school? Remember what happened? You know.” – then I will just step aside and let the reader fill in the rest with what he knows.

And the other chapters will be very similar – well, you know.

I am thinking about having something reflective, like a mirror, on the cover in the front under the title so that it will reflect the reader’s favorite hero – him or herself.

I can’t go wrong!

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