Friday, May 30, 2008

Yikes! It is Sykes! or How To Get Ahead

When I worked for the Postal Service in Atlanta M. Sykes was a union representative. He pretty much won most of the cases against management that he worked on. He was smart, a smooth taker, and when either a worker or a manager tried to pull a fast one, he saw through it and called them on it.

He was a black slim man that was a nice dresser. He knew the score, so to speak. He also had a wit about him I remember.

I was a data technician in the time keeping office. It was a division of the Finance Department headed by a bully of a guy, with the initials to his last name M. Over the years we watched M. bring in his relatives and give them give them jobs of management. It was plain and simple nepotism.

Chuck and I sat down and made notes on who was related to whom and how quickly they rose in the ranks. We carried our notes to M. Sykes.

He carefully went over our notes as we verbally told him and he made little side notes along side our notes when asking more detailed questions.

He said he was going to see M. tomorrow and back him up against the wall with this.

Hot dog! Finally something was going to be done about the blunt nepotism in the fiancé office.

We didn’t see M. Sykes the next day, so we didn’t know what happened. We reported at midnight and I think Sykes work day began at 10:30pm.

The following night he wasn’t there again and we asked his supervisor where was he. He told us he had been reassigned. I quickly thought of what must have happened and unfortunately I was right.

At 8:00am smartly dressed Sykes, in his 3 piece suit,reported to work as a new manager in finance. He avoided us ever-since.

Greed wins every time.

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