Saturday, May 24, 2008


Here are two portraits using auto and tropical looking foliage as props and backdrops. One is my great uncle Will Tyson solo and the other is Anna’s great great Jones uncles.

The Jones men and James man lived in the Alpharetta- Cumming-Milton area. Will Tyson lived in the Woodstock area. Did they go to the same portrait studio?

Will married in 1926 and I don’t have all the marriage dates of the Jones men (L. James was their first cousin), but two of them married in 1906.

Were these prop-cars were available by or before 1906?

I wonder if they were all single when the two pictures were made. They might have wanted the image of being modern single playboys on the prowl.

This reminds me of my little red 2 seat Mark II Triumph I bought in 1965 when I got out of the Navy; sort of like a male peacock spreading his feathers.

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