Thursday, May 08, 2008

Chicken Fat Introduces The Big Chicken postcard

New York has the Empire State Building; San Francisco has the Golden Gate Bridge; Black Hills, South Dakota. Has Mount Rushmore and we have The Big Chicken – regular or crispy.

This is a postcard of The Big Chicken before it had its face lift. It says on the back that is the sheet metal that is the body of the big bird is 56 ft long.

With the tungsten brown-yellow hue, I would wildly guess this picture was taken at near sunset. And to further prove my point, it looks like the birds have come home to roost. See the little black knots along the top and inside the beak? Little do they know they are perched right above a heap of dead fowls.

Of course you can’t tell it here but the beak slowly opens and closes and the eyes roll.

I think some director that is an Alfred Hitchcock wannabee should film a thriller with the finale’ of the chase of the good guy and Mr. Meanie fighting on top, in, and hanging on the beak of The Big Chicken while it opens and slams shut.


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