Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Yesterday an old high school friend. PR, called me and told me he was redoing a ’40 Chevy coup. He told me he needed a cigarette lighter to plug in the dash and went shopping on ebay and found one for a reasonable price (I forgot what is considered reasonable). He bid and the price went up. Someone else was bidding. The cigarette lighter ended up being pretty expensive and even more so because he never smoked in his life – but he needed it to complete his dash.

After that he found ebay interesting and surfed around it some. He owns an old sign that is the original sign for a country store west of Marietta that was well known when we were growing up. Just for the heck of it he had planned to put the original up on ebay and see how the bidding process would go. But first, he wanted a little research so he googled the name of the store and my blog came up. I did an posting on that store, at least once, maybe twice.

That is why he called me. We talked a while, filled each other in on some news of people we knew while growing up. We do that every time we talk. He wanted to know if I had ever written on my blog about our teacher Nell, which I have.

In an email I sent him a link to the month which is March 2006, and told him to scroll down to find it.

I could have gave him a direct link to the Nell episode, but I wanted him to scroll down and come across a picture of his old antique car that he refurbished last year About a year ago he came by and shown me the old Model T that he remodeled, and I posted it then.

So, I assume he saw the picture shiny old antique car and also the Nell the teacher article.

A little later in the day I was driving to the grocery store and I noticed a very pretty shiny red or maroon antique coupe in front of me. Its license plates was the name of my friend’s wife… and it is an unusual name, you don’t hear that name every day. It just about had to be PR with that car with the expensive cigarette lighter.

I tooted my horn and at each stop sign I tooted it again and he finally he pulled over. We talked and said how coincidental we run into each other today, the same day he came across my blog. His wife was laughing.

When I got home I told Anna and told her of running into my friend and she told me I had dark chocolate on the corners of my mouth. Now I know why his wife was laughing.

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Blogger kenju said...

That was a nice coincidence! I'd love to see that car. Did you take a pic?

3:40 AM  
Blogger ET said...

No I didn't. I wish I had my camera with me then.
to see the car he refurbished lastly go to my Mar 06 archives.

4:31 AM  

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