Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Watering Holes

Speaking of a Common Watering Holes - they are a voyeur’s g-rated delight.

There is an article about Pete's Pond, in the 20th Anniversary volume of UNCLE JOHN’S BATHROOM READER there is an article about Pete’s Pond. Pete’s Pond was created by Pete Le Roux and is located in Mashatu Game Reserve in Botswana,, in southern Africa.

Pete found animals in that area dying of dehydration and had made a big watering hole for all local animals to come and drink water. The water hole was a lifesaver.

Animals of all shapes and sizes came – some natural enemies of each other, and before long some it was a hot bed of interesting interactions between the animals. National Geographic installed a cam-camera, which runs all the time – so, anytime you want some down time of relaxation go to Pete's Pond and watch nature- free animals interact with each other.

However, a word of warning, sometimes you will be looking at a body of water with a tree in the background with maybe a bird making some kind of noise and that is about it – just in real life. No human is there to push two enemies together to get a good fight going or anything like that.

This brings me to what might be a good lucrative business enterprise:


We will have cam-cameras installed at various types of bars and the drinkers at those bars will think they are just security cameras but they will really be cam-cameras. We will have them in cheap bars, expensive bars, motel lounges, dirt parking lots behind package stores – where the clientele are sometimes shoeless and shirtless, honkytonks, roadside houses, you name it…. Any kind of bar or drinking hole were the conversation is apt to get lively and maybe a good fight.

You will see true soap-opera style romances, day by day – maybe if we see a romance or a good fight budding, and they look at their watches and say it is time to go home we might have a representative jump in and give them a coupon or something, saying drinks on the house, everyday for the next week, if they come at a certain time – so, people will know when to tune in.

Of course, with all these channels it would probably be best to have viewing over the Internet only – and of course, you would have to give us your credit card number to bill you regularly – trust us.

We will make millions!!!! Now is the time to get in on the ground floor. Cash only, please.

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