Monday, April 28, 2008

Nosy Old Invisible Man Strikes Again

This weekend I had to quick stop in Krogers Grocery Store to pick up a few items.

As I was walking across the parking lot I noticed a preteen or early teenager walking with a young lady that was probably his mother. They apparently just left a ball game of some kind, probably Pony League Baseball – he had on a ball player’s uniform.

Suddenly she started dancing…. Walking backwards and with a rhythm putting one had out to the side, then the other hand. They walked a few more steps and she started doing something with plenty of bounce of rhythm, like a walking jitterbug. She wasn’t that old when the jitterbug was popular and her parents were probably too young to dance the twist – but she had the teenage dancing craze in her mind… and was doing a good job. I could have easily walked smack into a car or a light pole in the parking lot while watching her.

Inside, in the produce department I passed them again. They both were giggling and had a little private joke between them. Good for them. They had a good relationship.

If I was the loud boisterous type the mother and son would have probably behaved themselves.

This is just the observations of a nosy invisible man.

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Blogger MichaelBains said...

Nicely observed.

9:20 AM  
Blogger ET said...

Thank you - and nicely observed on your part too.

9:31 AM  

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