Friday, April 18, 2008

Mid Day Thursday

Yesterday between on the phone with the help desk trying to get back on line I took off a few hours to take a relative to a doctor.

One technician told me he thought it was the router and gave me their telephone number. The next technician also thought it was the router but walked me through going in and changing some configurations which got it working. Be nice to your 1-800 Help Desk people.

When my relative signed in the receptionist told her she was early but they would try to work her in. A little later somebody else were signing in and the receptionist told her she was early and they were try to work her in and she offered her a cup of coffee, which the lady declined. When the next couple that signed in the receptionist again told the lady they were early and they would try to work them in – and would she like a cup of coffee. No. Then she said, “What about you sir –care for coffee.”

Again, I was invisible. She didn’t ask my relative or me if we wanted a cup of coffee. She looked right through me. If she had noticed me she would have seen I could have used a cup of black coffee.

While I was in the waiting room reading I overheard two women talking. After a while I figured out they were either sisters or sister-in-laws and at least one of the worked there.

They talked about going over to somebody’s house and after that they talked about sewing a hem in and they rather do it than pay someone $10.00 to do it, and they both “uuuu-hmmmmm” to that.

Then one asked the other to pay back the money she owed her so she could go get something to eat. She other one said, “I don’t own you any money.” And the other one reminded her of the twenty she paid for something and she didn’t give her change back.

The other one said, “Hell yes I did give you that change back! Remember when we….”

The other one, louder said, “No hell you didn’t!”

The other one responded in a louder voice. They were getting mad.

I perked up and was trying to listen to every word and see every expression so I could judge who was fooling whom. Then, they both looked up and realized they were causing a minor scene and suggested they go out and talk outside about it, which they did.

Darn, just when I took advantage of my invisibility it wore off.

Then, after my relative was through with the doctor I suggested we have lunch at Brandi’s World Famous Hotdogs, which we did. The waitress took our order and Brandi served them. Brandi was wearing a low-cut. I think she will go far, she takes one thing at a time, doesn’t get upset or charged up if the crowds get too big – she just keeps a good humor about her and go her steady pace, and the two that work for her work at their own speed and she doesn’t pressure them. And with her secret formula for spicy hotdog chili the previous owner Betty gave her it is here to stay.

An elderly lady and her middle age son came in. I offered for them to sit down, because we were the only table with two empty seats. The elderly lady said she has been eating there for 34 years. I could have beat that number but I let her talk. She talked about what used to be there, The Marble Inn and Judge Ravan who owned it, and pointed outside where he used to smoke his whole pigs. The son told me they moved to Gwinnett County but kept the same doctors and always made a point to eat there when they came back to go the doctor.

That is about what I do.

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Blogger El Postino said...

"Brandi was wearing a low-cut with."
With what?

4:42 AM  
Blogger ET said...

With a typo-error.

4:53 AM  
Anonymous Johnny said...

I clicked on the picture to make it larger and it didn't work. She looks like a girl I dated in the
60's named Babs. I miss Brandi's good ol' hot and spicy dogs. Next time I'm in town I'm going to stop and have a good look and have a hotdog and a hamburger, and an RC.

5:39 AM  
Blogger ET said...

Sorry about that. Maybe if you tilt your screen you can see more.
Back in the 50s a friend had a girly mag... in one picture of a girl with a low cut, Eddie, the mental challenged person visiting from Douglasville, that I bloodied his nose (another post) tilted the magazine to get a better look.

6:03 AM  

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