Monday, April 14, 2008

Chicago postcard

My kind of town – Chicago.

Not really. But it is a nice place to visit.

I have been to this town 3 or 4 times. The people have always been nice and everything is fairly easy to get to.

Our last visit, our hotel was about two blocks from the Buckingham Fountain. I walked by there several times while Anna was at business meetings.

The postcard identifies the big white building as the AMOCO Building. It looks on the card to be the tallest building in the Windy City, but I believe the John Hancock Building, the black one in the background with the two antennas is the tallest. We went there at sunset. A sight to behold. It is a world famous building.

At the foot of the Hancock Building within a block or two is the world famous Chicago Water Tower that did not burn when the rest of Chicago did.

Once when visiting my friend Don who lived in Chicago we went to the PLAYBOY CLUB in the world famous PLAYBOY BUILDING. I didn't see it on our last trip and I haven't read anything about the PLAYBOY Club Empire in years - it must have ran its course.

The Chicago Water Tower, the John Hancock Building, The PLAYBOY Building - all world famous. I suppose that puts them up there with Brandi's World Famous Hotdogs in Marietta, Georgia.

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