Saturday, April 26, 2008

Howard's Taxi Service

At the concert on the Square last night, because of the crowd, and the loud music and Willow, we sat more away from the main area than we usually do.

We sat on the walk that leads from East Park Square to the fountain. About half way down the walk you have to either leap over a Liberty Bell or go around it. We sat about halfway between the Liberty Bell and the park perimeter sidewalk. Just a whiff distance from where the smokers gravitate too. It wasn’t too bad, I think the wind was blowing the nicotine smoke the other way.

I remembered Howard’s Taxi Service. We were sitting almost at what used to be Howard’s Taxi Service’s office.

Howard’s Taxi Service was a one man company. His office was a telephone mounted on a power pole on the edge of the park. He could pick as his chair a park bench or his taxi and be only a leaping distance from the ringing telephone.

If I remember correctly, Howard was tall and lanky – which worked out fine, because he phone was mounted high and out or reach of us short mischievous teenagers.

I don’t know what percent of his customers asked for local trips and what percent asked for long trips. I doubt if he kept up with it either.

I do know he was known for his long trips. A certain druggist on North Park Square had him make long trips quiet often. He had Howard go to the north Georgia mountains to pick up a load of moonshine for him and bring it back.

They had a good professional relationship.

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Blogger bobby said...

His name was Skinny Howard, he along with Knub Levell and Gene Rakestraw were the taxi service. As you can guess Knub had a hand missing.
Gene was a big guy and onetime Pappa Jolley (MPD) was taking him to lockup, Gene decided he didn't want to go and took Pappas gun from him and Pappa spent the night in jail.
One time Pappa Jolley and Jim Harden were in pursuit of a lawbreaker, they decided to shoot his tire, thinking he was rolling his window down, which was allready
down he shot the door glass out of the patrol car, a 1946 Ford.
See ya

4:42 PM  
Blogger ET said...

That is like something that would happen on The Andy Griffin Show.

Did you know Poppa Jolley lived in the Trammell House? I wonder why.

I think I remember Knub Levell.

4:55 PM  

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