Friday, July 21, 2006

Tales From The Crypt #45 "Telescope" - Jack Davis

You may appreciate the above more if you double click it.
Some blog entries back, the one with the spider carrying her insect pray up her web got us into a brief discussion of feeding bugs to the spider and then eating the spider. And that caused me to reply again, saying that reminded me in the book Dracula of Dracula’s helper, a little crazed man who fed insects to spiders, and fed the spiders to something else, and the something else he ate – or something like that.

In the back of my mind it reminded me of a story in Tales From The Crypt comic book illustrated by Jack Davis. The story was a guy was marooned on an island. He was hungry and caught a fish. A seagull stole the fish then arat stole the fish from the bird and ran, so the caught it and was so hungry he was eating it raw, when he fell into the ocean and a shark attacked him.

Some natives caught the shark and pulled it out. The above picture is the climax.

Happy dining!

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