Sunday, July 23, 2006

J & K

My sons were in school with two brothers J and K. J was in my oldest son's class and K was in the class with my youngest son.

They live in our subdivision a few blocks away so when go for a bike ride or and outside walk or run I usually go by their house, which I did this morning which reminded of the blog about them I was cooking up in my mind.

Both of them seemed to stay in hot water, not only with their teachers, but also thier peers. They both seemed to live in a state of faux pas.

J was the shy quiet sort and an introvert. K was a loud mouth, always seeking attention.

Before high school was over K, the loud extrovert was caught with his friends breaking into a house and burglarizing it. He went to Cobb Juvenile Detention for a period of time.

At the post office it was always a treat to see letters from inmates behind bars. Many of them were fantastic artists that they would decorate the envelope with. K was one of the great detained artists. K was chubby with red hair. On his envelopes he would have Garfield the Cat, that he drew, as himself. Usually, the cartoon would show Garfield, aka K, doing something, like propping up against a tree fishing in a pond and saying, "Life in Prison is Hell!" or something amusing along those lines. He made a joke about his time behind bars.

His older brother J, I been told, is also a great artist. Being the loaner that he is, he because an expert on video games. Unfortunately, there is not much of a demand of expert video game players. He has been out of high school about twelve or so years now, and still works for the same pizza place he did shortly after high school. I think he has something to offer, but he is just too shy or introverted to pursue it.

His brother K, on the other hand, has an expensive car and seems to be living the goo life.

What is the morale here? If anything, it is loud mouths, good or bad, are brash enough to get ahead in life.

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Blogger Professor said...

Great story... the whole life is a box of chocolates adage really holds true here, eh?

6:23 AM  
Blogger ET said...

Right! It is sad.
Proof that the good guys finish last.

6:58 AM  
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