Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Joke Is On Me

Silly Me! I have been trying to post several things off and on all day today and most of the time a systemized statement would appear saying I lost my connection, in so many words.

So, twice, it did get through, but it was not published. I complained, bitched, and moaned.

Then I thought because apparently my "Chicken Fat" is out of order I would leap over to my "Chickenfat"and try that out again. After all, I haven't used it since January or so. So, I leaped over and lo and behold, there were the two missing blog entries I did today!

What happened is sometime today when I was pestering the system into taking my entries, chicken Fat and Chickefat switched positions. So, when my stuff finally was accepted, the one I was not expecting took it.

So, now that we got that figured out, if you want to see my entries for today (exept this one) look over to the right at the "Other Chickenfat Link".



Blogger kenju said...

This morning, I wrote my blog post about Marilyn on Picasa (the photo host) and when I clicked publish, nothing happened. I thought I had lost the post, because it told me I had no internet connection (and I knew that I did have one). I was so mad, thinking I'd have to reconctruct the whole post. A few minutes later, I clicked onto the site and lo and behold, there that post was. I don't know what Blogger's problem was - but it sure had one!!

8:07 PM  
Blogger ET said...

I agree, it gave me fits all day.

1:30 AM  
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