Friday, July 07, 2006

Sweet Water Creek

We had a pleasant evening yesterday. We invited a married couple over that we have been friends with for many years. And the husband brought his mother who is visiting from Texas and we evened things up by having Anna’s mother to come as well. I cooked chicken and veggies on the grill and Anna made a cake and did all the mi-nute details while I hid on the deck.

The beer I bought is locally made. Sweet Water Brewery is on Sweet Water Creek, which goes through Cobb County. I am not sure Sweet Water Brewery is on the Cobb County side or the Douglas County side. The brewery has a tour at a certain time once a week (I think – it may be more) and for a small fee you can sit around and drink freshly brewed beer, straight off the hops.

It is the “in” thing for the local single yuppies.

Sweet Water Creek, back in the mid 1800s, had at least one mill on it. Sherman had the mill destroyed when he was on his destructive path in 1864.

The creek has fast rapids and big rocks. Back before pools it was a great place for family outings.

Before 1947 my family and another family were at Sweet Water celebrating the common birthdays of the other family’s Eddie and this Eddie (me). I was playing in the water, wading out on what used to be a road bed and suddenly I stepped off into nothing and a swift water current grabbed me. My daddy and Dickie (Eddie’s teenage brother) both jumped in and saved me.



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