Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Swapping, Dumping, & Looting

Today early went to my friend’s house to return a series of tapes he loan me about 18 months go. When I had my stroke Christmas Eve he came to the hospital and brought these tapes. They were old mystery and horror programs on the radio. There were such shows as LIGHTS OUT, PETER LORRIE PRESENTS, THE SHADOW, and many more. I think there were 24 or 28 tapes, each with a flip side… so it was either 48 or 56 shows to listen to. I am a slow listener, so it seemed it took me forever to get through them.

Although they were interesting and, well, mysterious, I kept them rare to appreciate them more.

And months before my stroke I was at a garage sale nearby and bought a heap of books by Stephen King and Dean Koontz. And my friend complained about not having anything to read, I unloaded all those book on him and told him to take his time, no rush.

And then I forgot he had them. I only had them in my possession a day or two before I loaned them to him and that was over 20 months ago. He could have kept them and never said a word and I would never know. Out of sight, out of mind.

So, my email I informed my friend that I would be by his house early because I was going to the dump with another load and we agreed to swap out on his carport, with him inside asleep. He is not one to get up early since he retired. That is the only way I know.

I made the swap and then proceeded to the dump and got rid of a bunch more stuff from cleaning out our basement.

Yesterday Adam came over and worked on my computer some more. It has a problem staying connected or getting on line, and it seems to bring Anna’s computer down with it each time. Adam felt we needed a new router and gave me one for my birthday. I bought a six foot USB cable I thought he might need. He came by yesterday and installed it and put the garble-gook stuff in memory. Now it works. He didn’t need my cable I paid $35 for. So, after the dump I went by Best Buys and carried that back.

Then I went to Krogers Grocery Store. I mentioned before on a blog entry that the store is closing down. It is in its final days. I bought a bunch of frozen seafood at half price and some other frozen foods at half price… and bought an assortment of other stuff marked down. When the cashier rang it up I said I forgot the coupons – here. So, she deducted the coupons. Then I reminded her to give me the 5% senior discount for shopping on Wednesdays. She did. I was thinking this is almost like looting the place… the store looked like looters have came in and emptied the shelves. Only thing the looters are 65 years or older and some of them are using canes and walkers and at least one Krogers’ owned electric wheelchair. I told the cashier I felt like I was looting the place, the only thing I needed to do now was throw a brick through the window.

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Blogger kenju said...

If that Kroger's has as high a prices as ours, you weren't robbing them - you were just getting them back for the robbery they did on your wallet all those years!!!

8:20 PM  
Blogger ET said...

you are probably right. I think they would move it to anotehr store before they would take a lost.

2:39 AM  

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