Monday, May 29, 2017

Why Not To Shoot and Ask Questions Later

Willow did not like Memorial Day Eve at all.  Too much fireworks popping around us.  Which reminds me, when I took her out this morning, I saw two doors down something  strange illuminating and dancing  in the dark, about five or six feet above  the ground.  It stayed in one spot making all kinds of weird movements.  I immediately thought it was some kind of fireworks, still ignited, left over from last night's Memorial Day Eve fireworks..... but how would it be still be lit up?  Maybe a fuse.  Or, maybe it was electronic, some kind of strange new fireworks and something went wrong.  Willow and I slowly walked  carefully towards it for a better look and to decide if I should call 911 or not.  When we got within ten feet I saw what it really was.  A shiny balloon tied to the neighbors' mail box and the wind was making it dance.  The illumination was just a reflection of its shiny surface from a street light.  

I'm glad I didn't call 911.


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