Tuesday, May 30, 2017

On This Date in History, 1806, Andrew Jackson killed a man in a Duel

From Wikipedia:

"Andrew Jackson killed one man in a duel on May 30, 1806. Charles Dickinson insulted Jackson, accusing him of cheating on a bet, calling him a coward and calling his wife Rachel a bigamist. Dickinson then went public with his accusations of Jackson.

Jackson was known to have a temper. He participated in a number of duels in his life, but only this one ended in a fatality. In this particular duel, Dickinson fired the first shot and hit Jackson close to the heart. Jackson fired back and, according to the History Channel website, witnesses say he misfired. Ignoring duel etiquette, he fired again and killed Dickinson. He did not face criminal charges for the death, but suffered physically from the wound for the rest of his life."

"Old Hickory" Andrew Jackson is one of Donald Trump's heroes. 

Years ago when the boys were young we toured Nashville, Tennessee.  While there we toured nearby Hermitage, the home of Andrew Jackson.  About all I can say,  It looked "presidential".

I did not know it at the time, but later with genealogy research, found out that a distant relative Timothy Dodson of mine was a neighbor to Andrew Jackson and was one of the pallbearers at Jackson's funeral.

Timothy is my 1st cousin, 4 times removed.  My claim to fame.


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