Saturday, May 27, 2017

Our 2 or 3 Hour Visit at the Atlantis Paradise Island

click on photo to enlarge, it will look better.

The Atlantis is a very expensive resort for the elite.  On the ground level, or should I say "sea level" is a huge aquarium of sharks, ray fish, and many others types that make a good show.
The hosting level has restaurants, casinos, and artsy kind of decor to admire.
One of the James Bond movies shows Agent 007 calmly playing cards in the casino before he springs into action.   Also in the compound  I think  Ophra and others have get-a-ways.  I think Michael Jackson did but that may have been dissolved with other Jackson's estate.
 The Atlantis is a little island next to Nassau in the Bahamas.  In fact, they are so close you could walk over a little bridge or wade from one island to the other.  In our case, we came with a car full of tourists and a tour-guide driver.  He left us there.  It was not easy finding a way back.  I do not remember the details but somehow we rode back in a crowded  speedboat  with a bunch of natives and I think a young couple on their honeymoon.  The speedboat was so crowded he Atlantic Ocean's water line was close to the overflowing into the boast line.  But as  the driver (Pilot? skipper?) picked up speed the boat rose itself a little.  I suppose he knew what he was doing.

I wondered if some of the Atlantis guests looking out their windows might wonder if we were Cuban refugees .  And if they had thought that, they might not have been entirely wrong.

The tourguide/Taxi Driver told us that the citizens were not allowed, by law, to play or dine at the Atlantis Casino; only to work.

This glass sculpture served sort of like a center piece  in the huge casino.  I think it is an original by artist Dale Chilhuly.

Where is Plato?  He created Atlantis.


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