Saturday, May 06, 2017


You see Plant Bowen, a Georgia Power plant just before you enter Euharlee.  My late brother-n-law helped build it.  His daughter Tammy lives nearby. I think she feels comfort seeing the big towers loom over her.

Euharlee is a peaceful little town west of Cartersville Georgia, In fact, the mailing address is Cartersville, even though they have their own community identity.

We have been there to visit quiet a number of times over the years.

The covered Bridge in Euharlee is near the Etowah River, but I think it goes over a tributary of the river.

The Covered Bridge was built in 1886 by Washington W. King, an ex-slave.  He built this 21 years after the Civil War, but he built many bridges during slavery.  His master freed him  and help him start his own bridge building business when he became very good at his trade.  It is still standing.

There is a smokehouse in town .  We have eaten there once, but I forgot the name and also forgot to take a picture, but it is there,   I did not just imagine it.  Really!  Delicious BBQ.  

Y'all Come Back, y'hear?


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