Thursday, May 25, 2017

Throwback Thursday: Leonard & Jeannette Phillips Petty's 50th Anniversary in 1995

Throwback Thursday.  Mama's youngest brother Leonard Francis Petty (1924-2001) married Jeannette Phillips (1925-2004) in June 1945.  They had four children.  Their children gave them a 50th Anniversary party in 1995.

Click on each picture to enlarge it.

Leonard and Jeannettes' extended immediate family

Below, when a person is given a title like sister, or daughter, it is generally the relationship Leonard and Jeannette have of the subject, with exceptions, which I try to point out.

Son Billy and grandson

Billy's son and daughter LaVern

Brother Wallace and his daughter Cheryl

Sister Janie (Mama), and her daughters Frances & Bonnie

Daughter LaVonne (R) and sister-in-law MaryJo (Tom's wife)

Friend of family since growing up in Cohutta, Monroe Reece

Sister Sarah (R) and her beau.

Daughter Susie and her daughter

Daughter Lavonne with her husband and two grown children.

Leonard with brother Wallace

Brother Wallace, sister Janie, and Janie's daughters

The four of the five* surviving children of 12.
That was 22 years ago, they have all passed now.

*absent is brother Roy Petty of Carmel, NY.



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