Saturday, May 20, 2017


At the dog park our conversations and subjects have taken many directions.
I forgot what was said that reminded me of this true event, which I told:
In 1963, July of 1963, I spent 30 days as a transient waiting on orders at the Charleston Navy Yards.
Just outside the main gate was a busy business area, all designed to fleece the average sailor.
When I was on that main street studying where I might get the most for my money I saw a bar with loud music.  Sailors were  lined up at the door.  When some sailors left the door man would let a certain number in, I suppose to replenish the ones that left.
It must be something good going on there.  Maybe cheap drinks I thought.  I got in line.
Finally I was allowed in.  At the bar there was a female bartender, good looking, smiling and bouncing with the loud music.  Everybody had their eyes on her.
She asked a person  ahead of me in line what would he have and they he a mix drink.  She told him the cost, which I thought was outrageous.   The person paid and chipped in  a couple more bucks for a tip and she got busy mixing their drink.  She put whatever ingredients the drink required, and as a final "touch" she reached her hand down into her shorts and apparently gave herself a quick masturbation.  Then she brought her finger out, smelled her finger in a showy way, and smiled.  Then she used that finger to mix the drink to perfection.
Some of those men have been out to sea a long time.

I  wondered what kind of score they got from the health inspector's visit?


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