Thursday, May 04, 2017

Lolagene and Bee Hunter, Sisters-in-Laws

Throwback Thursday.  Two of my aunts, Lolagene and Bee standing in my grandparents' front yard on Manget Street.
Lolagene Turner Hunter (1918-1996) is the wife of my father's brother Doug Hunter.  They had four children, one died at childbirth.  Lolajene worked at the library.  I remember one time coming into the library and saw her reading a story to a group of children.  She was putting much feeling into it, I had a feeling she was a local sensation among the kids.  I think the Marietta Journal one time did a story on her story telling abilities.
She and Doug gave Anna and I a baby shower and about 1985 gave all the next-generation Hunters an Easter Egg Hunt.

Elizabeth Beatrice "Bee" Hunter Crain (1903-1971) nickname was "Bee" because one of her younger brothers had a hard time saying Beatrice.  She was a telephone operator in Marietta.  After she married Robert Spencer Crain she settled down having five kids and enjoying her huge extended family, at times helping out when one of  her brothers needed it.  She and her family lived in a big house on Garrison Road and hosted several family reunions and at least a couple of wakes or visitations that I remember (her parents).


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