Sunday, May 07, 2017

Marietta Dazes(and confused)

We went downtown today to see the Marietta Daze stuff.  There were a lot of booths of all kinds of stuff to buy.  You see one booth and you pretty much seen them all, and they are all there for one reason:  To get some money from you.

I did not take pictures of any booths.

click onto each picture to get the most out of them.

This was the first picture I took on the Square  today.  The picture before this did not get taken.  It was in bright sun light and through the view finder I could not see the subject, but I thought I knew it would be OK because I was aimed in the right direction.  Then the subject said, "Take off your lens cover!"

Years ago on Mill Street this was Veach's Wholesale Grocery.  Anna's father, Paul Prance, was the manager. 

A few years ago this horse, buggy, and the driver were the victims of a hit and run.    Last year I asked him about it and he hit and run driver got caught and got away with it.

This is an unintentional selfie of me (see the red jacket reflection in the door?) taking a picture of my Daddy's work place as a Policeman in Marietta.

This store front on the first block, west side, was the Marietta Police Department where my Daddy worked in the 1930s until the early 1950s.

This  alley connects Atlanta and Winter Streets.  Years before my time it was also the alley behind the Strand Theater before it moved across the Square.  Once, a man left the theater through the exit door into this alley.  There he shot himself in the head.  He died instantly.  Some people say you can see the bullet indentation into the alley wall.   I couldn't find it.



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