Monday, May 15, 2017

Dean's Store in Woodstock, Ga

In days gone-by Dean's Store was a men's hang out, sort of like a country store where men would set around a pot-belly stove and tell jokes, gossip, talk politics, and tell lies.  I bet Mr. Dean was hoping they would buy something, which they all probably did, or it would not have stayed in business so long.
Now, it is a Woodstock historical museum.  
A couple of years ago I met a friend there to listen to the local historian give a talk.  Not many people came to the talk that day: the mayor of Woodstock, my friend, me, and a handful of other people.
My friend was born out of the country but yet he has a big interest in local history.
The handful of other people included a big man, his wife, and his child.  The big man was not shy.  In fact, his type thirty years or ago was the type you would expect part of a lynch mob.   He honed in that my friend was not "one of us" and asked him where was he born and his religion.  He told the big man.  Then the big man looked over at me and said, "What about you?"
I said, "I was born about ten miles from here in Marietta and as far as religion  I am an old fashion Southern Agnostic."
He wasn't expecting that.
It diffused a tense moment.

Everybody laughed.
Just like the old times in Dean's Store.


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