Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Waiting on the Elevator part 4.

I was not the only one who had to routinely and timely take the elevator  at a certain time.  An elderly clerk who worked in operations office had to have his mail volume report on the Operations Manager's desk at 6am.  He was a talker once you got him talking and I think that caused him to run late many mornings.  If he was running late when he got into the elevator he would press the close-doors button so it would not wait any longer.

Sometimes when I was running to the elevator to catch it I could see him reaching  for the button and by the time I got 10 more feet the door was closing in my face. 

The office clerk was a tall slim bald-headed guy and very self-centered.  He cared for nobody's job but his.
Finally he retired. 

Like me, I would find out later, he could not to sleep at night, he was so used to staying up all night.  He would start drinking, bored, in the middle of the night and call me at work and kept asking me about people he knew.  He missed his job.   Then I told him I was the one he would shut the elevator door in my face.

Then he felt bad about that.  He never thought  about it until I told him.   He called several times to apologized and then I guess, feeling guilty about it all he quit calling.


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