Saturday, January 23, 2016

Thoughts About Chicken-fat attendees

Every day I check stats on visitors to my blog on the Stat Report.  It tells me how many visitors went to chicken-fat the previous day, and recently what they looked at, how long they stayed and where they are from.  About 10 to 20% are local visitors.  The rest are living  all over the world.  Spain, France, and Australia viewers  big SUNDAY FUNNIES fans.   About 20 to 30% are digging into my genealogy reports.  People from Russia seem to like American life off from the mainstream.

The attendance number that constant repeats itself is 244.  I think there are 244 people  the same 244 day after day visit chicken-fat and the rest come and go.  So, if  the attendance on any given day is say 243 I wonder if that person, who ever  out in cyber-land  might be ill or his computer is broke.
These are just random thoughts about  chicken-fat's viewers.
Last Wednesday the number of visitors that day were shocking:  1162!  I studied what people looked at, no one thing in particular.    The next day it was just over half that amount, and now it has settled back to what it is normally, in the 400s.  Within the 400s is the 244 core.

When a person approaches me and tells me they read chicken-fat daily I am always overjoyed.  Maybe foolish for them wasting their valuable time on my blog but being self-centered: HOORAH for me!

When it hit 1162 and then in the 600s I  wished it would sink back, I was getting stage fright.

I think I might have been mentioned in a complementary way in something read nationally and people in droves came to see what was so good about chicken-fat.

It did take long for the 600 plus visitors realize there is nothing to me and moved on.




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