Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Elijah Petty's Daughers

These are the daughters of Elijah Petty (1806-1881).  Elijah is my  g-g- grandfather.  He was born in Surry County, North Carolina, his parents were the early pioneers there.  His first wife Letty Lewis had  five kids:  three sons and two daughters.   They moved to Fannin County, Georgia, and Letty died.  After Letty died Elijah married  Sarah Parker.  They had  seven children, one son and six daughters.
The women in the picture are probably sisters and half-sisters.

I found the Elijah Petty Family Cemetery about half-way between Morganton and Suches, Georgia.  It is in the woods about a hundred feet from the road, I would have never found it, but by coincidence I was talking to man in Morganton retired from the Air Force who was a school bus driver.  His last name was Petty.  But if we are related it is not close, he is from the north.  Somebody told him of the Petty Cemetery on his school bus route. He took me there.
The solitary grave stone is Elijah Petty's

Sometimes I think I was ordained to do family research, things hard to find just fall in my lap. 

Elijah Petty Family Cemetery

Elijah Petty's Grave



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