Thursday, January 28, 2016

Postal Elevator Saga Continues

Elevator Saga continues.

One morning I was waiting on the elevator, not in the basement but on the first floor, and the Postmaster and one of his right hand "yes" men walked in from outside.   The Postmaster just glanced at me and the right hand man shook my hand and patted me on the back.  They stood waiting on the elevator with me. 

A few seconds later a handful of employees came in from the outside and past us horridly to get back to work.  The Postmaster looked mortified.  He told his right hand man they shouldn't have been allowed outside the building.

The right hand man, I will call him B, smiled and said, they were either on break  or lunch and they can go where they want on their own time.

I  appreciated B for standing up to our boss and not necessary being the "yes" right hand man.  He politely and smilingly  told the Postmaster he was wrong.  I have had dealings with B ever since he transferred in.  He was young, short, smooth talking and nice.  He treated everybody with respect and looked you in the eyes when he talked to you and smiled when he spoke, every time.

We rode up the elevator.  I got off on 2M and they were talking about business.  I thought I would be ignored when I stepped off  but B spoke to me by name, telling me "Not to work too hard."... which is a bad statement for upper management to say to a clerk.  He said it in front of the Postmaster. 

B.  got promoted to the postmaster of Kennesaw, Georgia.   Good for him.



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