Friday, January 08, 2016

Mock Rehearsal Environment

I remember reading that ex-Georgia Governor, now head of a law firm, has a mock trial room .  That way, he and  the rest of the lawyers in his firm can practice, or rehearse, in the real courtroom setting.  That may loosen them up or warm them up for the real event.

That got me thinking.  If an attorney  can rehearse or practice in the environment of a look-alike courtroom, maybe preachers can do the same with a look-alike Church Sanctuary..

I  know of  a preacher who , it seems,  is a lousy preacher.  He has a lousy rapport with his congregation.   They way he is uptight, never smiles, and just doesn't seem to enjoy what he is doing.

So!  What if he rehearsed his sermon  in a mock simulation of his church's sanctuary with dolls staged in the pews?   He could take passport pictures and paste them to the dolls.  Then, he could while on a dry run, shake his finger at some of his make-believe members, make faces at some that he feel their disapproval..    It might build up his confidence and do away of his talking in front of a crowd fear.

He just needs to keep in mind what is reality and what is his make believe sanctuary.  It could be embarrassing


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