Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Waiting on the Elevator Adventure, Part 3

Waiting on the Elevator for #3

There was another clerk who threw parcels in the basement near the elevator that got promoted overnight.

I suppose it is good he did, it saved him a lot of changing.

One time one of the clerk threw a parcel and it started hissing and smoking.  Everybody but one clerk ran for cover.  It was evidently a bomb.

The one guy that did not run from the bomb ran towards it, grabbed it up and ran out of the building with it and they called the Atlanta Police he took it from there.

The clerk was a hero.

For a few years he has been coming to work dressed in a suit carrying a briefcase.  At work, in the locker room he would remove the suit and put on dingy work clothes and an apron and get to work.  At lunch time he would take his sandwich out of his brief case and eat.

At the end of the shift he would change back into his suit and go home.

His neighbors thought he was an executive like everybody else in the neighborhood.  The lady he married inherited the house they moved into, which was only a couple of blocks from the Governor's Mansion on West Paces Ferry Road.

After that, not only was he an executive, sort of, but also a hero, sort of.

Somehow, when one is a loud talker and brag to people and tell them one's business it takes the heroism our of hero.


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