Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Divine Balls

Years ago when Rocky was almost a teenager we got into a discussion on the Law of Averages.  I said that when you flip a coin up a 100 times it will be heads 50 times and tails 50 times.  I went on to say that if it is not 50 and 50 it will be close, but the next time it will be reversed and the overall average will be 50  50.  He doubted that.

So we took a quarter and flipped it in the air 100 times.  It came up 50 hears and 50 tails.  I was as surprised as much as he was.

With the Law of Averages I bought a lottery software program that kept up with each ball  and after maybe 30 to 50 draws it could sometimes  predict what falls would be picked.

It seems there is something divine that keeps order and enforces the Law of Averages.

I have never got all six numbers correct but have got three or four right several times, winning a few hundred dollars.

Then something went wrong.  The averaging system quit  predicting right ones. 

I don't know but I think lottery officials decided to replace the  balls often.  If a new ball is thrown into the system, if a ball  has no history it  has no reason to keep up with the average of its peers.  That is just a theory.

There is the other theory or method, the divined touch.  With those people chose numbers that has meaning, like their children birthdates  or their anniversary dates or something else they feel deeply about.  Sometimes it works.

Who knows?

Now, when I play I I used no method, I just quick pick and have not won in a long time.   But at least I am  paying back little by little Rocky and Adam's Georgia Hope Scholarships which is lottery funded.


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