Monday, January 25, 2016

By the Elevator Part 2: Veteran's Funeral

Yesterday I talked about a guy I named Goofy that I got to talk to sometimes while waiting on the elevator in the Post Office at the Federal Annex Building in Atlanta.

Also while waiting on the elevator I got to know the whole crew of parcel throwing and their supervisor.
Their supervisor was a short little man beyond retirement age who did not mix with his workers very much, or at least I didn't see him talking to his employees.  I think his last name was something like Crumbley.

Crumbley had a 30 minute radio show on Saturday Mornings at 11:00.  It was all public service announcements and items of interest for the American Legion Post he belonged to.  I listened to it a couple of times - it was very straight forward, no carrying on or joking.

Under the types of paid administrative leave is Funeral for Veterans.   I think Veteran's Funeral Leave in intended for high ranking veterans for other high ranking people to attend.  As a timekeeper for over a dozen years I have only seen it used one day.

And that time was all the clerks that worked throwing parcels for Mr. Crumbley.   One of their co-workers died, who was a veteran, so he let everybody take off four hours on Veterans Funeral Leave the day of the late co-workers' funeral.

The Atlanta Post Office did not not work like that.  24x7 the incoming mail, including parcels must be worked or they would pile up overwhelming uncontrollable.

After it was taken and upper Postal Management found out about it, it I heard from the Director of Operations secretary "they were so pissed off they could shit a brick."

PS:  I wonder if Goofy took pictures?



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