Saturday, January 16, 2016

Comfort in Southern Comfort

The Late Janis Joplin and her friend

New Orleans-based Sazerac buys Southern Comfort for $543.5 million
New Orleans' reputation for all things drinking got a boost when its signature liquor company made a major acquisition Thursday (Jan. 14). 
The family-owned Sazerac Co. has acquired Southern Comfort from Brown-Forman Corp. as part of a $543.5 million deal that also includes the Tuaca liqueur brands, according to a statement from Brown-Forman. 
Sazerac president and CEO Mark Brown told The Associated Press his family-owned company was excited to acquire the two brands and looks forward to "years of successful brand building."
Southern Comfort has been in Brown-Forman's hands since 1979. The original recipe is credited to bartender Martin Wilkes Heron, who came up with the bourbon-based concoction in 1874 at McCauley's Tavern in the French Quarter.

Above was the news I found. on-line.   On the radio I heard that Southern Comfort was having a decline in sales for the past several years.

See what happens when I quit drinking?   Actually, I still drink.  I drink an ounce or so of red wine at bed time for health reasons..

I remember Southern Comfort well.   It had a special sweet liqueur taste and had a special effect on me.  I enjoyed life to the utmost  with Southern Comfort for about three to five years.

 I'm lucky to be alive.


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