Saturday, January 09, 2016

Early Hunters in Marietta

These are the early Hunters of Marietta..  This picture was taken on Waterman Street, about two blocks from the Square.   My father was born in the house on the left in 1911.  He is the youngest in the picture, the picture  was probably taken in 1914.   I suspect that is why Minnie is behind everybody, to hide her pregnancy with Jack.  W.C. was the first born in Marietta., in 1908.  They moved from Cherokee County,  between 1906 and 1908.

First row, the first kid on the left  is my dad Ed Hunter.  Next to him is Walter Clarence "W.C." Hunter.
Second row:  Robert Ray "Bus", Beatrice Elizabeth "Bee", Harold Herbert, and their  father Frank Paris Hunter.
Behind everybody looking lovingly at her husband Frank is Minnie Victoria Tyson Hunter.

Four more brothers, Jack, Doug, Stanley, and Dick had yet to be born.


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