Friday, January 01, 2016

Pettys' Big Rock

This big rock (below) was on the property of my mother's Petty Family.  As you can see, the big rock served as a back drop for pictures.   Their property was in Murray County, Georgia, on he Cleveland Highway.

When they first bought the property there was a cave there.  Inside the cave was a cave that went on and on.  The Petty boys tried exploring it but they could only go so far until they came to water.  They had no idea how far the water went or how deep it was.   Inside the cave was Native American lore and artifacts.

The cave is sealed now.  The Georgia DOT came through paving the Cleveland Highway.  They bought rock from the property of the Petty family.  They had to dynamite  the boulders to loosen them and blast them into small pieces to transport.   That operation sealed the cave.

Roy, Janie, and Osmo

Janie, Janie's date, Opal, Opal's date, and Sarah

Sarah, Roy, and Leonard

Sarah and Viola


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