Friday, January 15, 2016

Capman's Country Store in Etowah, Alabama

click on picture to see some details and old brand names

Brad Martin had an interesting photo of his poor ancestor's county store in Sprott Alabama.  That reminds me of a distant relative of ours.  Elizabeth  Betsy Kuykendall Chapman (1844 - 1914)who, with her husband John D. Chapman "Dock" owned a dirt-poor store in Etowah, Alabama.  Betsy 's brother is James Ephrah Kuykendall (1848-1915) who is Anna's ancestor.  By the way, James' wife is Frances "Fannie" Tyson  (1844- 1930), also her ancestor, - that is where I come in .  Fannie"s father was Robert Cabel Tyson (1821-1864), my ancestor (and Anna"s).

Back to the picture.  It looks like Betsy and "Dock" are honoring the box on a little table  between them.  

I give up, what's in the box?


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